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10% Savings On Our Bottle Refills

Refilling our bottles benefits you and the environment!

10% Savings On Our Bottle Refills

Evergreen Olive Oil Co. has a wonderful bottle refill program for our customers.  Bring your clean and completely dry Evergreen Olive Oil Co. bottle back to our store and we will refill with any flavor, for 10% off.  This applies to our dark bottles, 200ml or larger.  We do not refill our clear 60ml sample bottles.  Also please bring back the bottle cork for your refill.

Washing the bottles is simple.  If you have an efficient dishwasher it can probably clean and dry the bottles perfectly.  Hold off on putting the cork back in too soon as it can trap moisture and create condensation on the inside of the bottle. Another way to wash the bottle is by hand with hot sudsy water. To complete the drying process, you can put the bottle, without the cork, into a 200 degree ferenheit oven for 15 minutes.  Inspect the bottle for moisture, repeat for 15 minute intervals until dry.

We cannot refill bottles that are dirty or have any trace of moisture, so please inspect your bottles carefully before bringing them to the store.  Moisture or old product in the bottle would compromise the new oil or vinegar we refill the bottle with.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase!



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