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Healthiest Cooking Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil!


Healthiest Cooking Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Eating healthy during the winter months may seem like a daily challenge.
The once readily available produce from the farmer’s markets has been
replaced by produce shipped in from other parts of the world, sometimes leading to diminished nutrients due to transport time.
Think frozen vegetables! Frozen vegetables are kept on the plant longer and frozen
soon after they are harvested which locks in the phytonutrients.
Use your favorite Evergreen olive oil and sauté yourself a healthy addition to your pasta, rice, or as a side dish to your favorite meal.  Not only will cooking with extra virgin olive oil make your vegetables taste better, it will unlock a lot of the nutrients in vegetables by allowing your body to absorb them!  You will experience the health benefits with at least two tablespoons of olive oil daily. Try a tablespoon of olive oil per a cup of vegetables. This also works with roasting vegetables too!

Dr Mary Flynn, PhD, RD, LDN teaches courses in nutrition at Brown University and gives lectures on nutrition at Brown Medical School.  She is also the author of The Pink Ribbon Diet, a powerful cancer fighting cookbook which we carry in our store.

Click on the photo link to hear her lecture on the health benefits of frying with extra virgin olive oil!











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