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How are fused and infused oils different?

We offer both fused and infused olive oils. Fused (or Agrumato) olive oil means the olives were crushed with the fruit or vegetable, simultaneously. Fused oils tend to have rich full flavors. With infused oils, however, the flavors are added to the olive oil after the olives have been crushed. Infusion methods are used when there are flavors that may be too difficult to crush in first with the olives.

Can I cook with your olive oil?

Short answer, Yes. High quality EVOO is the most nutritional oil to cook with. New studies have shown that using an extra virgin olive oil high in antioxidants, or phenols, for cooking results in a significant reduction in oxidation and the inhibition of harmful byproducts over other vegetable oils.

What does “cold pressed” mean?

“Cold pressed” means that the oil is obtained only by pressing crushed olives with a mechanical press all while at cold temperatures to produce olive oil without introducing any heat alteration to the flavor.

Why is the “first pressing” important?

First pressing of olives yields extra virgin olive oil, an absolutely pure, natural “juice of olives” that meets the highest standards for quality, antioxidants, content and flavor.

How should olive oil be stored?

Light, heat and air are all enemies of extra virgin olive oil and will diminish the quality of the oil if exposed to these elements.  We recommend storing olive oil in a cool, dark place, away from ovens or other heat sources.  Never purchase or store olive oil in clear glass or plastic, unless you plan on using it within the first week because the exposure to light will degrade the olive oil.

How long does EVOO last?

That all depends on the quality of the oil. Well made olive oils can hold up over a year! We recommend using the oil within one year for optimal taste and health benefits.

Why are there different colors of extra virgin olive oil if they are all “extra virgin”?

The color depends upon the type of olives used. Color may also be affected by single olive or varietals. On top of this, the color of olive oil can also be influenced by climate and even the soil in which the olives were grown.

My throat burns after tasting some of your EVOO. Why does that happen?

Extra virgin olive oil should have at least a slight burning sensation at the finish. We refer to it commonly as a healthy burn. One of the main health benefits associated with fresh extra virgin olive oil are polyphenols, or the antioxidants. The higher this content is, the more you will get that burning after taste. The bitterness and pepper is an acquired taste, but we often find people will move up the intensity ladder as they become more accustomed to the flavor.

How do you ship Evergreen Olive Oil Co products?

We ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail so it will arrive at your door in 1-3 days once it’s shipped.  We are located in zip code 12309.  To see how long it would take for your package to reach you, please click here to visit the USPS Priority Mail delivery map.