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Tapi Pour Spout


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When pouring your oil or vinegar it’s great to be able
to control where the product goes and how much you are applying. Without a pour spout
the product is more likely to come out too fast if you are not careful. Our tapi pour spout is well designed and will control the pour of your product.
This spout has a perfectly molded drip edge which will keep the product from dripping
down the sides of your bottles. It is durable and dishwasher
safe. Just pop into the top of our Evergreen Olive Oil Co bottles for the perfect pour every time.
The tapi pour spout fits our 200ml and 375ml bottles.
The tight fitting cap keeps oxygen and light from entering your bottle so
the product will stay fresher longer.
These are a perfect add on to your gift or as a complement to your kitchen collection.

Pictured are two tapi pour spouts: one with cap off, and one with cap on. Spouts are sold individually.

molded plastic pour spout

interior view with drip edge




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